Kelet Afrikai Öntözési napok

Kelet Afrika öntözési hét 2012, július 9-13.-ig

Jain Irrigation Systems to exhibit  at the East Africa Irrigation Technology Week show, 9th to 13th July, 2012

Nairobi, Kenya 27th January, 2012

Jain Irrigation Systems is the latest company to confirm participation during the East Africa Irrigation Technology Week, 2012. The East Africa Irrigation Technology Week is the only specialised trade show for the irrigation sub-sector covering Eastern Africa. 

Jain Irrigation is a pioneer company in water creation, sourcing, storage structures, water distribution and water conservation devices like micro irrigation systems. Jain also develops high-tech agri-inputs for farm productivity increases like high quality planting materials, greenhouse cultivation, and improved cultivation practices such as ultra high density plantations, sustainable agriculture, and agro processing, providing end to end solutions to small holders. Jain Irrigation is a diversified multinational company with a product portfolio encompassing irrigation system, thermoplastic piping system,  plastic sheets, solar products like water heating system, photo voltaic appliances, pump, dehydrated foods, fruit puree and juice concentrates. The company has 23 manufacturing bases spread over 5 continents.


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